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Things just got Trivial

Trivial Pursuit is the most famous question and answer board game. While it has undergone several digital incarnations, the latest adaptation feels far more in tune with current gaming trends than any that went before. It is called Trivial Pursuit & Friends and, as the name suggests, it allows you to play online with friends.

Better ask Gameloft

If you have ever played Trivia Crack, then Trivial Pursuit & Friends will hold no surprises: answer general knowledge questions which have been divided into categories, and try to successfully answer more than online opponents (whether they are friends or strangers).

In addition to this Dual Mode, Trivial Pursuit & Friends offers a handful of other ways to play. These include Blitz - a mode where you compete with three other players in real time - and weekly events where you test your knowledge on very specific topics against the community.

Trivial Pursuit & Friends features achievements, insignia, and lets you chat with your fellow players. The app also lets you create your own questions to test other users.

Time unlimited

In Trivial Pursuit & Friends you do not have a limited time to answer questions – a fact that results in some users forgetting to respond for too long while they thing, causing the game to freeze.

Another problem is the limited life system. You get 3 lives every 3 hours, making progress slower than in similar games (unless you want to pay, of course).

Are you a wise guy?

If you like quizzes you should try Trivial Pursuit & Friends. It has a great variety of themes and the Blitz mode is great. There is still much room to improve the gameplay though, particularly if you get serious and want to compete in some serious rivalries.


  • Variety of questions
  • Create your own question
  • Blitz mode


  • No time limit
  • It takes too long to recharge lives

Also available in other platforms

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  • Free
  • In English
  • 2.2

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